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  1. Compared to the previous model , the ULtra CW , it is indicated that the variation of fill is just a bit higher. We use this model. In our QC/maintenance book, it indicates: For the Ultra CW (12 tubes) , the expected fill volume is 37-40 mL. For the Ultra CWII, expected fill volume is 34-38 mL. Notice there is a higher fill variation for the CWII.
  2. I was an MLT student at Walter Reed Army Hospital. At that time, there were lab techs there that were enrolled in the George Washington University SBB program. They did their blood banking clinicals at Walter Reed. I heard the whole class passed the SBB(ASCP) exam after the course was over. There were only 4 or 5 of them, and they were all Officers in the Army. Every time I see them, they would be studying. The military put extra pressure on them passing the SBB exam because they are paying for their school, salary, and room & board.
  3. It's a lot cheaper than most blood bank books you see these days. Most of its reviews I have seen are positive. It appears that the first and only edition of this book was published in 2014. I think it is great that it also includes an instructor's manual, lesson slides, and test bank questions.
  4. Per AABB, ABO and Rh type MUST be determined before any blood product transfusion (RBC, whole blood, Platelets, etc.), with exception only for emergent situations. Pretransfusion tests for allogeneic and autologous transfusions shall include ABO group and Rh type on the patient sample. Sources: Cohn, Claudia S., Delaney, Meghan, Johnson, Susan T. and Katz, Louis M.. <em>Technical Manual, 20th edition</em>. https://ebooks.aabb.org/pdfreader/technical-manual-20th-edition50155278 Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, 33rd Edition, effective April 1, 2022 (Published: 9/9/2022
  5. I know this post is over 1 year old, but I have AABB books for on PBM and here is the general strategy for implementing a PBM plan: 1) Develop and preoperative hemoglobin optimization program. 2) Develop an intraoperative red cell recovery program, and/or programs in hemodilution, component sequestration, and platelet gels. 3) Implement point of care (POC) monitoring within the operating room environment. 4) Establish an auditing mechanism to ensure reasonable blood utilization. 5) Establish a program to educate health care providers on transfusion issues. Here are the general methods used to implement and sustain a PBM: Sources: AuBuchon James P., Puca, Kathleen E., Saxena, Sunita, Shulman, Ira A. and Waters, Jonathan H.. (2011). <em>Getting Started in Patient Blood Management</em>. https://aabb.ipublishcentral.com/pdfreader/getting-started-in-patient-blood-management Cohn, Claudia S., Delaney, Meghan, Johnson, Susan T. and Katz, Louis M.. <em>Technical Manual, 20th edition</em>. https://ebooks.aabb.org/pdfreader/technical-manual-20th-edition50155278
  6. I answered your survey. Would be very interesting if your boy comes up with something better! Good luck!
  7. Panel B is meant to be used as a supplement to Panel A, not instead of Panel A (see inserts). Panel A is your primary panel. You only use Panel B if you have more than 1 antibody, need rule outs/ins, etc.. Part B is like a logical continuation of Part A. That is why cells are numbered 1 to 22. Panel A has cells 1 to 11. Panel B has cells 12 to 22. If you take in account the Rh haplotypes: and the most common Rh haplotypes: You can logically deduce that, the most common haplotype for caucasians are Rh positive haplotype "R1" and "R2" combos and ends with not as common haplotypes combos. Then if you do a side by side comparison of Panel A and B, you can see that it starts out with the more common haplotypes(R1) combos and ends with the not as common combos. You will probably won't see too much Z's, Y's and double primes (") haplotypes used in these Panels because those donors are not as common and procuring them may not be commercially feasible. I am sure somebody smarter than me will probably prove me wrong, but these are my evidence-based thoughts on this matter. Sources: https://www.bbguy.org/2016/05/13/rh-blood-group-terminology/ Package Insert - Resolve Panel A.pdf Package Insert - Resolve Panel B.pdf
  8. Yes, I own the book. It's a small book, mostly has examples of KPI's. Here is the table of contents: Do you see anything you may find useful?
  9. AABB has a Blood Donation Site Locator! Find the closest Blood Donation center to you any where in America! https://www.aabb.org/for-donors-patients/give-blood Please help save a life. Thank you
  10. I don't currently work at a Donor Center, but I do have an AABB book for KPI examples. Here are 2 KPIs on blood component manufacturing and QC: There are a whole bunch of other KPI's in the book. Is there something in particular you are looking for. sources: https://www.aabb.org/regulatory-and-advocacy/regulatory-affairs Alsaqri, Faisal Saud Blood Bank KPIs . https://ebooks.aabb.org/pdfreader/blood-bank-kpis
  11. Since AB+ people are considered the "universal recipient" , we give them any type platelets, usually starting with the one with the closest out date.
  12. There is this one thing, I don't know if it is new regulation or it has been around for a while. I think CAP doesn't want any cardboard boxes in the core lab. This is due to card board boxes being porous and prone to biological contaminants. Blood bank is usually the only section that use cardboard boxes, the saline cubes. Thus the blood bank needs to be in its own seperate room. I guess contamination is a big no-no for the core lab, but not so much for the blood bank. I will look for this regulation and see if I can find it.
  13. Do you do QC on your expired panels when you use them as selected cells? I was just curious. Thank you
  14. If bacterial contamination is suspected due to the signs/symptoms of the patient(high fever, vomitting, tachycardia, etc..) and/or discoloration of the blood product, an initial gram stain is performed and 4 plates are inoculated with the blood, Blood agar, chocalate, mackonkey, and an anaerobic plate. Then we go from there. Not sure about the reasoning of incubating the broth at 4 degrees C. Is that to rule in/out a cold agglutinin?
  15. My 2nd job is only per-diem, but I have been working almost everyday on my days off from my 1st job. We are so short of staff, the Lab Manager has to fill in for several evening shifts herself. That means, she does her day shift work and then continues on to evening shift and goes home at midnight almost everyday. They are so happy to see me on my days off from my 1st job, because they sorely need the help. The only upside to all this is I am getting so much overtime $$$. That's about it.
  16. So sorry to hear that. That is really tough. The last 2 years have been a nightmare to so many people in the lab. Perhaps talk to Greg Abbott, maybe he can offer some solutions. He is a very helpful person. Him and I went for a walk the other day, talking about his plans for gun control and power grid regulations {eyeroll emoji).
  17. I've only had 2 the last couple of years, but I was able to go to different countries, instead of just staying home.
  18. There has been quite a few H1B Visa lab techs that were hired from the Philippines in the last couple of years. Most of them are pretty good workers. We also have been hiring travellers. That's basically it. The last couple of years have been pretty rough. At least I have been getting so much over time. I was able to buy a bunch of toys like guitars and gadgets and go on vacations and stuff.
  19. You are right, for all the reasons you have indicated. I have always used blood bank bands until my current position. At first I was hesitant on not using them, but now I realize that nurses do get them wrong all the time. And this caused so much delay for patient care. Especially these days when a good chunk of nurses in hospitals are travelers, you need to train them each time.... Ugh, it's so time consuming.
  20. I think that is a pretty standard and good safeguard for a LIS to have. What are you trying to XM? RBCs? Does your LIS do electronic XM? I assume you need additional sample because you need to do an AHG XM? Was the patient's current type and screen positive? Does the patient have a history of antibodies and what are they?
  21. At my current place of work, there is a form/document we use to indicate that the specimens drawn are additional samples. These samples get their own unique specimen number and they are ordered as additional specimens. There are only valid if the patient's type and screen is current (within 3 days). My LIS support these documents because additional sample is an order with its own order code. Of course, all samples must have the patient's name, ID number, etc... to prove every sample are from the same patient. I use to work for a blood bank that uses blood bank band numbers. I think most places in America uses blood bank band numbers. It is basically the same idea as above, except that they don't have "documents" to indicate the samples as additional samples. Instead, the additional specimens are labeled with the patient's blood bank band number and are only valid if the type and screen is current. I hope this helps. Thank you
  22. Did you ever hear again from Mr. and Mrs. Lettuce Picker? Or know what became of baby Lettuce Picker?
  23. What did it mean at the end, with the "blank, blank" ? And why would the doctor ever advised the patient to get rid of her antibody card? That was odd, considering that she did have a history of antibodies. I have not seen many patients here in America with an Antibody card. The last one I encountered showed me her card when I drew her type and screen. This was very helpful for me, considering I was a one-man show! I did all the blood collecting and testing! I appreciate all the help I can get.
  24. As most of you know, there is a severe blood shortage nationwide(USA). Please donate it you can. Thank you, you are heroes!
  25. Sorry, I know this question is 3 years old, but I found this link from Fisher, it lists incubators that can go up to 150C if needed. Good luck https://www.fishersci.com/us/en/browse/90088096/dry-block-incubators
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