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Proficiency testing with different analyzers


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I was hoping someone else could tell me how they handle proficiency testing surveys if you have different instruments.  We currently have 2 ECHOs and 1 NEO, and I am in a quandary on how to do the JAT survey on both instruments without breaking the rules about repeating CAP samples before the due date.  We don't really have a designated first choice of instruments and the JAT samples are stated by CAP to run within 7 days of receipt due to the possibility of hemolysis.  Thanks in advance!

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Think over the premise again. What is the purpose of the CAP program (or any other proficiency) ?

Are you testing your facility's ability to get the correct answer (proficiency) or are you qualifying the instruments ?

I would argue that it more important to "test" the operators rather than the instruments and therefore the actual instrument used is irrelevant.

As a sideline.....what would happen if you got different answers with different instruments? That would be a real pickle.

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11 hours ago, DPruden said:

I was overthinking.  Thanks for the feedback!

I believe we're all a little guilty of that misdemeanor. It's always good to keep thinking and this forum is an excellent place to throw ideas around. Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in the matrix when "we" start to second-guess and try to predict the next thing the Regulators are going to pursue. Often, it's a case of trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist (yet).

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