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    • By kaleigh
      Would anyone be willing to share their SOP's for "tubing" blood products? I am trying to get this started at my facility (even though it seems like everyone else has been doing it for years!) and am already getting lots of questions. I figure being able to explain what others do might help! Thank you in advance!
      Edit: we do not have the capability of "secure send" or scanning units/badges with our tube system
    • By gene20354
      Hello everyone.  I am working on the billing for a new LIS and I would like to know what others are doing.  Do you charge CPT 36430 for all transfusions (adult and neonate) or do you use CPT 36430 for non-neonatal transfusions and CPT 36440/CPT 36450 for neonatal transfusions?
      36430 – Transfusion, blood or blood components
      36440 – Push transfusion, blood 2 years and under
      36450 – Exchange transfusion, blood, newborn
    • By TreeMoss
      We are going to begin running Mock Massive Transfusion Protocols in our facility.  We need to "manufacture" some blood products to use in these drills.  Do any of you have "recipes" for making up packed cells, FFP, Platelets, and Cryo products to use for practice?
      Thank you
    • By RosieDude
      I was wondering, I work a level one trauma center.  We have kept O= units in a monitored refrigerator in our emergency for some time now and recently began storing liquid plasma for our patients in the ER too.  Can these liquid plasma units be used in place of FFP when they near their expiration date?  Does anyone do this?
    • By Mabel Adams
      Our pharmacy and therapeutics committee is reviewing their guidelines for use of 4 factor PCC.  They would like me to provide cost and risks of plasma transfusion.  Does anyone have data on the costs of transfusion besides the product itself?  Most of my data on transfusion risks is not specific to plasma. Better yet, maybe you have done this whole project and would like to share what you found?  Or please direct me to a good, recent article on the topic.
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