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Charging for washed, irradiated, leuko-reduced platelets

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No you charge for the product, then each process.  So the HCPCS for leukoreduced platelets, washed is P9035 just like non-washed but you have 2 procedures codes in your CDM to include a larger charge for the washing then you add the irradiation using CPT 86945.  For example a regular platelet unit is procedure code 63877 and is priced at $450 but when it's washed the procedure code is 68309 and you charge $611.  We have our computer system built so that if the product code is washed then it charges the procedure code for the $611 but if it's not washed it charges $450.  Unfortunately there's only a P code for washed RBCs.

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      Would anyone be willing to share their SOP's for "tubing" blood products? I am trying to get this started at my facility (even though it seems like everyone else has been doing it for years!) and am already getting lots of questions. I figure being able to explain what others do might help! Thank you in advance!
      Edit: we do not have the capability of "secure send" or scanning units/badges with our tube system
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      Hey everyone! My lab director seems to think we need to keep the packing slips from ARC for 10 years. Why would we do this? She checks the billing and makes sure everything is correct. Why keep them after the billing is checked? Anyone have any thoughts?
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