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Good morning everyone, 

    I am validating a TeG 6S and need to submit my test request to the LIS department.  How did you set up the CPT Codes?


Platelet Mapping- 85576 times ?  (platelet aggregation each agent)

                          85396- interpretation for platelet mapping

TEG citrated assay-    85347- Coagulation Time, activated

                               85384- Fibrinogen Time, activated

                               85390-coagulopathy screen  & interpretation   






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I used 85576 x 3 for the Platelet Mapping and 85347 x 2, 85576 x 2, and 85384 for the citrated assay.  We just started doing these so I don't really have any feedback from the payers to say if that is correct, but I got them off google for another hospital that used them.  I can't find the exact one now so can't tell you what hospital that was, sorry.

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We are implementing the ROTEM (same type of testing, different manufacturer).  We were told by the manufacturer that cpt 85396 is what should be used.  Makes sense - "Coagulation/fibrinolysis assay, whole blood (eg, viscoelastic clot assessment)".  Problem is that this cpt code is only a charge of once per day.  Looking to see what others are doing for billing...


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