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Blood bank sample collection from a line

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Hello everyone,

what are your thoughts about this:  suppose you have phlebotomists collect the majority of your samples.  One exception would be when a patient has a line--nursing must collect the sample. Suppose a phlebotomist is present at the bedside and witnesses the nurse collect the sample from the line. The phlebotomist signs and dates the tube. Is this acceptable?

It is my opinion that the person physically collecting must sign and date the tube  

I discovered that this practice is happening where I work  

What are your thoughts?  



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This happens at our hospital too.   

Our phlebs will initial and band the patient.  The nurse will pull it from the line and hand the syringe to our phleb to fill the tube and label.  They put their initials/the nurses initials.    That way we know it was a line draw.    Our nurses aren't trained to band patients or draw blood bank samples (YET)


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I don't feel this is meeting the intent of the AABB Standard.

BBTS There shall be a mechanism to identify the date of sample collection and the individual(s) who collected the sample from the patient.

I think you could argue that the phlebotomist was involved in collecting the sample, but if that's the case, you would also need to identify the nurse.

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