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Baxter Dade Immufuge II Centrifuge B5055-3

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    • By SMILLER
      We are in the process of switching our specimen collection tubes to Greiner Vacutte (previously we used BD).    For some reason, with one of our STAT fuges, the stoppers keep coming off while being spun.  Not all the time but enough to be annoying. 
      The centrifuge in question is a Hitteck EBA200.  The vendor has recommended a certain insert for these Greiner tubes, but they still keep popping off at random.  The stoppers are slightly different from the BD tubes, but we cannot see what is causing this.
      If anyone has any ideas for fixing this they would be appreciated.  We are trying to see if Greiner has any ideas.
    • By BloodbankZ
      I am looking to cut down our TAT. We currently spin our specimens for 10 minutes. Any suggestions for stat centrifuges? TIA.
    • By mollyredone
      We were getting ready to send our pipettes out for calibration again and found out the company doesn't do them in house anymore and couldn't get us a quote.  What companies do you use for pipette calibration?  I'm on the west coast, so would prefer something close.
    • By SMILLER
      We have a problem with a Helmer Ultra CW centrifuge that we discovered yesterday.  When doing a quarterly check, we noted that when doing a "check" after a wash/decant/agitate/fill cycle, the cell button often does not always completely re-suspend.  Anyone know what might be the problem?
      Helmer has had us check the settings and all seem as it should be.  This seems to be a random issue as sometimes it works for individual positions and sometimes it doesn't.  At this point, Helmer has not called back with anymore ideas.
      Thnaks, Scott
    • By AMcCord
      Lucky me - I get a new ultra-low freezer next quarter! The old one has been hanging on by a thread for several years now. It's time for it to retire.
      I was hoping that Helmer's new ultra-lows would be out by now, but they're not going to be on the market until some time in 2015. So that takes them out of the running. We are thinking Panasonic/Sanyo because the one in send outs has been very reliable.
      So I need opinions from those of you who have purchased or evaluated ultra-lows recently. Sanyo? Horizon Scientific? Nor-Lake? Anything else?
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