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  1. Thanks for your replies! More info related to your comments... A DAT was not done at the time the antibody was identified, because the auto control in gel was negative. The patient has only received A Negative RBCs at our hospital (total of 9 at that time and 3 since then) and no platelets. She is a nursing home resident that was admitted for pneumonia, respiratory failure, and UTI. She has a previous history of coronary bypass surgery where she may have received blood products. Her platelet counts have always been in normal range 300-400s in our records. The DEL idea seems plausible to me. The Anti-D was relatively weak with reactions ranging from w+ to 2+.
  2. Has anyone seen an Anti-D go from negative to 2+ positive to negative? We had negative antibody screens on an elderly A Negative woman from 2012 through 2018. 8 RBCs were transfused during this time. In August 2018, the antibody screen was 2+ positive, Anti-D was identified, and she received 1 RBC. In April 2019, the antibody screen was negative on 2 different occasions. The possibility of the August 2018 specimen being the wrong patient seems unlikely since we use hand-labeled separately armbanded specimens. However, I have never seen a true Anti-D behave this way.
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