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Meditech vs. Softbank

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Hi everyone,


Our hopsital is in the process of FINALLY implementing a BB module. No more testing book! We have Meditech as our Lab LIS and hospital. So our options are Meditech BB module and Softbank. The IT staff here would love for us to just get the Meditech since interface would not be needed and familar to the staff. I have looked at reviews for both Meditech and Softbank, and saw demos of both. I lean toward the Softbank. The ITstaff is not 100% against Softbank, but want to have good reasons such as areas where Meditech lacks and Softbank has those options. So any feedback on this would be great. And anyone out there who has Meditech LIS who got the Softbank, how did your interface integration go?


Thank you!

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We have been using Meditech since 2006 and I am not a fan of the patient history lookup.  I am with Marvy1 about it not being logical.  All of this being said, I do like the interface with the rest of the lab and hospital IS.  We had difficulties with the build - the Meditech people had little experience and it was like the blind leading the blind.

Good features - you can build tests to automatically reflex ( a KB stain from a positive featl bleed screen) and automatic comments or prompts.

Sorry that I can't comment about Softbank.

Good Luck!

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I've used both.  I prefer SoftBank, much more logical, lots of really nice enhancements.  However, with your current situation, Meditech might be an easier option going forward.


You'll have to evaluate how much work you want to (and are able to in the future) concerning time, staffing, etc.  More training (the techs will have to remain competent in two systems, etc).


Feel free to send me a private message if you have specific questions about comparing the two systems.  Otherwise for you this is a decision based on how much support you will receive from administration and IT in the future to support both systems.

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