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Antigen typing during pregnancy


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Hi everyone,

Please forgive my ignorance regarding this question, but I'm still confused about why antigen typing (as part of antibody workups) cannot be reported within the last three months of pregnancy, at least according to the practice in the blood bank where I currently work. I'm assuming this is to prevent mistyping in cases of a fetal-maternal hemorrhage. I'm curious if this is a common practice in other places and if there are any AABB or CAP regulations addressing this issue.

Thank you in advance.

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Concur with the above. It would have be a very serious F-M bleed to impact phenotyping. While there is a theoretical risk of mixed field, and potentially spurious interpretation of the results, if a gravid patient develops an antibody that late in the gestation, the very small risk of mistyping/reporting is worth taking.

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