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Blood components for Patients with positive antibodies

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With respect to RBCs. If the patient has unidentified antibodies (as the title states) then NO. 
If you have identified the antibodies but can not confirm the patient’s antigens (as your question states) and the AHG crossmatch is compatible with units negative for the antigens that the patient has antibodies to then yes, though there are some/many possible caveats. Hope that is not too convoluted. It would help us if you give more details. 
Can you please explain what you mean by filters as in this context it is a little concerning to me. 

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On 9/26/2022 at 4:05 AM, CARMEN DELGADO said:

Just to clarify

is it safe to give blood components to patients before identifying the antigens present without having to use filters 


All blood components must be transfused using transfusion tubing that has an inline filter.  This filter helps removes clots, platelet clumps, and debris, etc.  There are other filters that filter out WBCs, but those are not usually used at bedside. They are used during the manufacturing of blood components.  So basically, all standard blood component transfusions to patients requires a filter. 

So it is safe to give blood components to patients before identifying the antigens?  No. You would need to know at the least the ABO/Rh antigens of the blood component before you can give it to any patient. 

Good luck. 

TIPS For transfusing.pdf

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