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Infrared Thermometer

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I haven't seen an infrared one where you can lay the unit down on it. Most I have seen are handhelds ones, where you shoot a laser at the blood product. Anyways, I found one that thermocouple thermometer where you can lay the unit on it. It is called the Temp Check, and the manual states it is pretty accurate. It is attached. Good luck 


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We have the TempCheck device that SbbPerson linked above. It's pretty good. It's only single digit (5C, 6C) so there could be some error in accuracy. One downside, the little foam pad will basically assimilate room temp, and can cause some units on the cusp of 6C or 10C to be read as over temp, simply because the foam pad surrounding the sensor isn't cooled enough by the unit when taking a temp. We get around that by keeping a refrigerated polar pack on the unit, gotta replace it every few hours as it warms up, but its better than tossing units. The other option the company gave was to keep the TempCheck in the fridge until it was needed, but that isn't feasible for us.

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