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Storing blood in remote locations


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1.  There are two in separate cores for the OR. The OR techs take the temperatures daily which the BB reviews at the end of the month and keep with the other temperature records. A circular graph is also connected to monitor peaks and valleys 24/7 which is changed weekly. The refrigerators are also connected to alarms that sound off at the OR desk, facilities and BB. Blood that has been crossmatched for patients that have a high chance of using is picked up in the am by a OR runner, They are sent in and store in separate containers to prevent a mix up. 

2. There is also refrigerator with uncrossed O+ rbc and A low titer liquid plasma. Which  only can be opened by a trauma RN who has the MR# of the patient that the blood is being given to. When the refrigerator is opened there is a large screen in the BB that flashes that the blood is being removed, which units and the Patient's MR#. This refrigerator temp is also taken daily and connected to an alarm.



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