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RBC expiration rate

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Does anyone use RBC expiration rate for their monthly quality indicators (key performance indicators)? If so, what do you use as your denominator? Do you use number of RBCs transfused in the month or the the number of RBCs received from your blood supplier per month? We use number of RBCs received from our blood supplier as we wanted to monitor we don`t excessively order blood that may not be used and expire. But now I have read that this may not be correct.  Also, what is your target? We state our expiration rate should be <2%.

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I have always used total number of outgoing RBC's for that month, used + wasted. The issue with using the number received is that some months you may receive a large quantity for that month but due to expiry they wont expire till the following month where your received stock may be less than the month before hence this will skew the figures giving a higher % waste for this month.  Using total outgoing RBC's gives a better indication of the waste against use for each particular month. 

My previous lab had a stats program built in that was based on MHRA and UK BSMS requirements and this always reported waste as a % of total outgoing RBC's. 



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