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  1. I was just curious because we used the screen cells for years, and now we've been told to test the whole panel. Most of us on the bench feel this is wasteful. We did have one case where a patient had a previous anti-c and was transfused 10 O Neg RBCs in the ER. Of course, the majority of those RBCs were c positive, and we never could get the last wash to come up negative.
  2. How many cells do you feel are required when testing the last wash? Some use the whole panel, others only a few cells.
  3. Hello, The Tech Manual mentions a direct PEG test when talking about methods to use to detect lower levels of red cell-bound IgG. Does anyone have a procedure for this? Thank you.
  4. We only received singles when I worked at the hospital. Since there is very little plasma in one unit, we gave pools without regard for the blood types. However, if the recipient was a baby, we would give type specific.
  5. Okie


    Do you have references for your SOP?
  6. Okie


    Hello. Does anyone ever use a 4:1 (serum to cells) ratio when investigating antibody IDs? If so, do you use enhancement and/or have an SOP? Just looking for documentation to confirm it as a valid procedure. Thank you.
  7. The Wisconsin Blood Center along with South Central Association of Blood Banks held a Last Chance Review in March of this year, and I understand there will be another one in the spring. One can attend virtually, and there is terrific information to be had.
  8. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  9. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  10. We have a patient who has both a cold and a warm autoantibody. It has been difficult to get a complete adsorption. Her HEA shows she is negative for Joa. Has anyone had patients negative for this, and if so, what transfusion practices did you follow? Thanks.
  11. Congratulations and good luck!
  12. Hello, We received a cord blood with a positive DAT (2+). The baby and Mom are both O Pos. No reactions were seen with either the acid or Lui eluates. Mom's antibody screen and panel were negative. Her poly and IgG DAT were weakly positive, eluate nonreactive. Her list of drugs did not indicate medications could be the cause. The baby's bilirubin is normal. We did not obtain a specimen from the father. Has anyone seen this before? Possibly a warm auto? Thanks.
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