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  1. we need to purchase "Videos" of donor interview & phlebotomy for educating our blood bank staff to enhance their competencies, if there any information regarding kindly provide, salman
  2. Dear Peter Could you send me your animation. muhammad.salman@aku.edu
  3. Malcom Can I also get a copy please. muhammad.salman@aku.edu
  4. Sorry for late reply, we are planning to replace Biorad to grifol antisera's
  5. Is any one having experience about "Grifol" blood bank Antiser's / Antibody identification pannels etc.? Pls share your experience,
  6. I am intrested to share what type of goals you assigned to your blood bank staff annualy. we assign the goals like : educational goals ,personnel development goals like: " You have to earn 10 CME following year" you have to give 3 presentation to blood bank staff" etc what else other do ?
  7. Malcolm Sir, Do you perform validation of blood grouping reagents for other parameters like Titration, potency, Intensity, avidity, prozone, rouleaux, as well or reactivity and specificity only ? salman SBBT
  8. David Could you provide me your validation procedure .Thanks
  9. MAGNUM could you e-mail me (scan copy) of these pages.
  10. Welcome to the forums salman :)

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