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  1. Ps- and yes- concur with Malcolm on clinical significance of anti-Vel. Does the patient have any immediate family members in area for typing?
  2. Hi Mabel Where do you see the marketing info in the US on Grifols? Bio-rad gel products and automation were submitted to the FDA in February 2014.
  3. How many samples do you run, and do you have a citing for the standards or CAP checklist that requires this?
  4. I heard a blood bank was recenlty sited by CAP for not validating their antisera (tube testing) when switching manufacturers. What are sites doing to validate current vendor against old with tube tesitng (AB0, RH, rare). Has anyone heard of this? If so, what is standard and/or CAP requirement they are siting.
  5. Welcome to the forums Barbpump :)

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