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  1. Check with the manufacturer of the Anti-D reagent you are using - if it is a monoclonal reagent, the manufacturer probably has a monoclonal control reagent that is used in association with the Anti-D monoclonal antisera. This monoclonal reagent serves the same purpose as the Rh-hr control reagent used when human based, poloyclonal Anti-D reagents were routinely used for testing. Call your sales representative.
  2. This would be an excellent specimen for molecular testing -- if you do send it for that, would you share the results of the findings? Thanks
  3. What is your address? Rogers Helton BBTS\ImmucorGamma -- we have some that are no charge.
  4. I am looking for a very basic intro book for a class of high school science club students that I can use for a couple of workshops with them. Any suggestions? I have looked at Amazon.com and the AABB marketplace but have not found anything yet. Thank you, Rogers
  5. I used SunQuest for years at my previous job -- I loved it -- the support from the company is fantastic. It is very flexible and the reports are great.
  6. Is she signed up for the National Rare Donor Registry? How about her siblings? What is her ABO group? Thanks
  7. Thanks so much for the information -- I just ordered the book.
  8. Hi, I work for ImmucorGamma as an application specialist. We have several live sites with Cerner's latest version. For exact site contacts, just ask your sales representative - or you can contact me directly.
  9. Have you tried any of the solid phase assays from ImmucorGamma?
  10. We reconciled our inventory physically daily. This served several purposes: to help us manage our short-dated inventory levels, to track our directed and autologous products and release any directed products to general inventory on a regular basis (once the intended receipients were discharged), and to verify that all blood issued in our transport coolers had been tracked correctly. I am not aware of any specific standard addressing the frequency that physical and electronic inventory levels agree.
  11. I agree with the posts already listed. One additional point of interest to document any concerns about the patient population would be to look at the number of AHG crossmatches you have performed over a specific period of time - perhaps 6 months. What is the percentage of incompatible crossmatches at AHG that you have encountered on patients with negative antibody screens and no history of clinically insignficant antibodies? One additional step might be to use a two cell screen where the manufacturer provides screening cells that demonstrate homozygous expression for the major significant antibodies -- or you could use a three cell screen. Hope this is helpfu.
  12. We are currently a Mysis Lab with the transfusion service module -- I really, really like the Mysis system. Our hosptial has "decided" to go with the "one vendor" concept housewide - they have chosen McKesson. We just got back from our first week in California where we trained on the Horizon Blood Bank by Wyndgate product. I am major-league concerned! Workflow seems very difficult in the Horizon BB (HBB) system - lots of fields to manually populate that are not automatically populated by the HL7 interface - component preparation seems awkard and in some cases absent (ie. reconstitued whole blood for exchange transfusions on neonates is not a product choice), - I could go on -- My question - is there hope? Has anyone made the switch from Mysis to HBB recently and if so would you mind sharing your insight and observations with me? I would really appreciate it!
  13. We also consider our entire "chart"/"patient record" as a confidential document. Our Policies and Procedures in the Hosptial HIPPA program details this so we don't add a separate statement on our reports. We do have a statement to the confidentially of documents that we fax. This is a standard FAX cover sheet and is automatically generated by our LIS when we fax reports.
  14. I have just received some information on an RhIg product manufactured by ZLB Bioplasma AG and distributed by ZLB Bioplasma Inc. in PA. The trade name of the product is Rhophylac. Our pharmacy uses products distributed by ZLB - the price on this RhIg is great compared to our current vendor thanks to the quantity of other products that pharmacy purchases. Has anyone had any experience with this product? If so, I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance. My e-mail address is heltonr@jackson.org
  15. I would be interested in obtaining more information on the Delta Trak System. Do you have a web site or phone number for the company? I tried a Web Search and was not very successful. Thanks
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