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  1. Hello! In our lab, we are studying the implementation for MMA Is someone running this technique? Which protocol do you use? Which "recipe" are you using? Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! Can you tell me, under which indications, do you use wash RBC´s for transfusion? Greetings to all!
  3. In our facility we just started to use this typing, antibody screening and crossmatch system, we´d love to read some about your experience! Thanks!
  4. Hello everybody! i'll like to know if somebody uses infrared thermometers for donor tempeture measure? if someone does, what is your experience, do u like it, donors like it? Please let me know!!!
  5. Hello everybody! I have a question to all of you! Do you deferral the people who come to donate who have the disease called vitiligo, and if you do, the deferral is permanent or temporary?
  6. Hello! I would like to know, if someone is certificated and to wich standard: ISO, AABB, FDA or something else???
  7. hello everybody! these days, there came a blood donor who consumed Xenadrine. any of you know or suspect a contraindication to donation of blood from people taking fat burners?
  8. we in Costa Rica, performe HTLV in microplates. Murex 4 years ago, and Diasorin, now at days. because, HTLV, has a very low prevalence in our population, so many false positives are found. i can tell that 1-2% of our donors test positive for HTLV. We repeate it two times more from pilot tube and two form the bag. (previosly centrifugation at 3000 g) if it continuos positive, we perform a westernblot for HTLV. mostly are negative.
  9. Auto control and DAT negative!
  10. hello everybody! i would like to know, how do you evaluate an antibody that reacts with I, II and III screening cells, no especifity determinated with panel (all positive 2+)? this case, doesn´t present a history of transfusion or pregnacy. he is a candidate for renal transplantation donor. what is your regular work flow in this cases???
  11. Probe, DAT on the sample of the red blood cell transfused, some times, blood donors appears with DAT positive. Try also, if you want, washing the red cells, before elution, with, cold LISS solution, in case you DAT is positivo for low avidity antibodies! Did u tested DAT in monospecific reactives (anti IgG and anti C3?), if you have a DAT positive with polispecific reagent, so you most look for the monospecificity
  12. Hello! this is my doubt. We are using Axsym for blood donor screening, and we have some anti core (total) positives (low value). after that, we rescreen the blood sample in architect, and it give us a negative value. does someone have any experience like that at your services?? does someone have any scientific (really scientific) explanation ???? thanks!
  13. Thank you Malcolm! I have another question!, Using Donor Grouping card (Diamed´s), they come with a reactive for D, that detects D(VI+). so when u have a negative reaction, do u confirm it with convetional protocols for negative D in donor, or you just asume it´s a real negative, reporting and labeling the RBC as Rh negative?
  14. is someone using SS at their blood bank or transfusion service? how have been your experience? good and no good things about it!
  15. Is out there, any one, using Diamed gel?? is it FDA approved???
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