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  1. We have to transport One Thousand FFP Unit at a distance of 1100 KM by air.
  2. How much Dry Ice should we put in a container carrying 70-100 units of FFP. and how to keep dry ice in the container, in brown paper envelopes or naked.
  3. All reaction less than 2+ by Tango or by tube should be further evaluated for Mix field-two populations due to Rh mismatch transfusion or feto maternal hemorrhage especially when testing the patients. Ignoring this point may lead to wrong interpretation. By Gel Mix Field and weak reactions are clearly differentiated and Mix field in the Gel should be further evaluated. Patient history is important to decide.
  4. What is the expiry of a red cell unit if it is exposed to higher temp (more than 10 C) for more than half hour? 24 hours??
  5. AABB Technical Manual page 622 17th Edition If a unit has been entered (spiked for transfusion), it may not be returned to the transfusion service for reissue. It must either be infused within 4 hours of the time it was spiked, or it must be discarded.
  6. Yes, It is a quarry from a head nurse that some time the transfusion could not be completed with in four hour. She want to know in this case what she will do to remaining blood.
  7. What if transfusion of a PRBC unit exceed's 4 hours? What is recommended ?
  8. Malcolm! If u will put 2F, the converter will give u the equal temp of C, that is -16.6C. To get equal amount of C to 2 degree F, U have divide 2/1.8=1.1 and round up to 1. So we use 1 c rise of temp than 37 C as a marker in transfusion reaction.
  9. Thanks! The physician's order is for a neonate.
  10. How to perform titre for Anti A and Anti B? Just titre serum and run with known reagent A and B cells or some special procedure? Please let know the reference like AABB Technical Manual or some else? Thanks
  11. Thanks Liz and David Correct Liz and David, as u calculate the collection day is Day zero one day will be complete next day, so we start count from 17 and 42 days falls on 2/27. We had a visitor last week and he objected our count. He started count from 16 Jan (Collection Date) and told platelet (5 days) shall expire on 20 Jan, whereas I said 21 Jan. I did not find it in the books. Do u have a reference?
  12. How often and when and when vital signs should be checked for a patient undergoing blood transfusion.
  13. How to calculate expiry date of Blood products. Collection date is day zero or day one? For example if collection date is 16 January expiry falls on 20 or 21?
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