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  1. Thanks Anorris. Do you perform crossmatching via tube method?
  2. Does anyone use AES? If so how are you QC'ing the reagent? We perform ABO/Rh testing via tube method and Antibody Screens via gel. Normally the only time it's QC'd is when we QC tube Antibody screening reagents(back up, not used daily) but I want to work it into the everyday QC. I would love to know how its done in other facilities. Thanks
  3. Our physicians order the workup on Rh neg moms for the morning after giving birth. We check the infant's blood type to determine the need for the workup and cancel if not necessary.
  4. Hi everyone. Thanks for all your responses. What reports for TAR do you print to verify the entrance of vitals, 2 person check etc by nursing?
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for all your responses. What reports do you print to verify the entrance of vitals, 2 person check etc?
  6. Hi Everyone, Is there anyone out there that has experience with Meditech's TAR? We are in the process of validating this for our blood bank. If so I would appreciate your help with the following: Do you use an additional form of identification (Typenex bracelet)? If so are you using it for all products? We currently use typenex for packed cells and Rhogam. We don't require it for ffp, pheresis, or cryo. Our LIS tech is telling me it has to be used for all or none in TAR because of the way the parameters have to be answered. If required for all products do you use a different one for each product? What form of identification or requisition do you require at the time of issue? What information from the unit and/or the patient do you require nurses to verify (scan barcode) at bedside? What other issues have you encountered? Thanks So much in advance. I really want to keep changes to the process on the blood banks end to a minimum if possible, but will definitely do what's necessary for the safety of our patients. That's what its all about.
  7. We also check the alarms daily electronically, but according to JC inspectors its not enough. We were recently (July 2013) inspected by Joint Commission and the inspector specifically asked questions about refrigerator alarm activation. According to JC & AABB standards this is to be checked manually on a quarterly basis.
  8. Thanks Eagle Eye & ChrisH.
  9. Do you perform this daily or only on day of use?
  10. Hi Everyone, Its ironic that the subject of Anti N is surfacing. For the last couple of months we have been dealing with an OB patient, 21 years old with an Anti N & Anti U. How rare is that? Anti U <1% compatible! The physician ordered 2 units. With much effort and over the span of about 4 weeks of searching high and low the Red Cross came through with the units. She delivered and received the units, both she and infant were discharged after about 3 days in good condition.
  11. Try Chapter 15 of the AABB manual 17th ed, particularly Sample Age. We too allow 10 days for pre-surg samples with no transfusion or pregnancy in last 3 months. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Mary, We are also in the process of automating our blood bank. I too am interested in the side by side study of the 3 instruments. You can reach me at adawson@lenoir.org. Thank You
  13. Hi where can i find the regulations on relabeling plasma?
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