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  1. What about reverse grouping? If forward and reverse grouping and quick ab screening (at RT) are ok, Malcolm's opinion gains importance. Zafer CINAR
  2. If you are right with the auto-B Ab. AB cell shoud give the positive result with the plasma (Am I right?).If you are right with the AB blood group genotipicaly, This group may be cis AB with anti-B (if anti-B's rxn is 1+ (reverse grouping) )
  3. Reverse should be *incubated at 37 C for IgG/IgM dosage effect (or incubated at 4 C for 30 min. you had done), *checked for age Newborn or elder >60 years old, *agammaglobulinemia (check for gamma globulin level by ELISA) *may be using immunesupressive drugs...
  4. take 500 microliter LISS + 25 microliter erytrociyte... reconstitute and pipet 12,5 microliters to each microtubes. then centrifuge 10 min. finally evaluate... that is all
  5. Try again forward grouping with human org. cards.
  6. I recoment you to use patient & donor cards separately to catch weak D or Partial D. Then, you will be able to obtain good (no risky) results.
  7. You can identify the other antigens by single antigen or entigen profiles by DiaMed Microtyping System.
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