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  1. If it wasn't a mix-up in patient's/tubes, then I would bet it's the different reagents. I deal with this same issue every single week, having to explain to the doctor's why we get Rh Negtatives and the mom delivers and is typed at the hospital as Rh Positive. We use Immucor series 4 and 5, but one of the main hospitals uses the Gamma Clone. Drastic difference it the reagents.
  2. This is very similiar to experiences I have had in hospitals with busy transfusion services. All of them had "keep ahead" orders, whether it was from the trauma center or from surgery or ICU. I agree that it worked well with the blood bank monitoring when the last unit went out and when it was time to have a new sample drawn again. It sure cuts down of the "panic" and super-stat orders. Also creates a cooperative atmosphere within the "transfusion team".
  3. I read recently where H1N1 is expected to become more virulent as it makes it's 3rd cycle through humans, estimated to be sometime this winter. Donald Rumsfeld's connection with Tamiflu leaves me wondering........... Not necessarily being an alarmist, but I'd rather think through all the possibilities rather than simply discount them because the "authorities" say so. So, will any of you take the vaccine, or not? I'm personally leaning towards not taking it.
  4. Maybe Rashmi will trade you their analyzers for your negative antibody screens!
  5. I can definitely see why you are getting fed up. That's way too much work. Can't see any time/cost savings there. Which analyzers are you using? Six validations in 16 months in outrageous - I'd be seriously complaining to the manufacturer/ sales rep for some sort of assistance.
  6. Do you experience the problems (missing reactions) on the same analyzer? If so, it sounds like a problem with one of your instruments. Possibly an internal centrifuge error, or temperature error? If one instrument is missing a -K or -E, I would definitely consult the manufacturer by placing a service call immediately.
  7. Well, this is a good place to rant and let off steam! I feel your pain! I know all too well how frustrating it can be. Makes you wonder how some of them made it through Med Tech school. (some, not all). Let me ask, when it's an easy monospecific, and they've sent you all the sample, do you then have to do the crossmatch for the hospitals and send compatible blood over? If so, it's still sounding like fear - like maybe they are sending the whole sample over on purpose, so they don't even have to mess with it at all. And if their Cheif Tech is there, maybe she/he's telling them to
  8. I know what you mean, MN, but try to not let it get to you. The hospital techs who are sending you those samples are more than likely frightened to death of "Reference Lab" samples, and antibodies. You know there are blood bankers and non-blood bankers, and no in-betweens. If on the other hand, this patient was a known Reference Sample, and the hospital techs wasted some of the precious sample by performing an ABO/Rh and Antibody Screen, only to have it turn out positive yet again before they sent it to you - and this time this patient had developed an additional allo, or two, you'd be wis
  9. I agree, I think the possibility of a real crisis might have been avoided this time. Our schools also opened early than originally planned. I don't think there was anything "normal" about this flu at all. Just curious - how many of you are going to take the H1N1 Vaccine when it becomes available? Isn't Tamiflu marketing that vaccine?
  10. We had one person test positive for HINI SO-IV in our area. Today it was announced that 3 local schools are closed for the week in our city because an 11 year old has symptoms, and has a relative who is confirmed positive. Cleaning teams are going in to disinfect the schools, desks, surfaces, etc. This seems a bit extreme to me if this is "only a flu-like illness". We don't even close schools for a week for extreme weather conditions. I recall that HAZMAT teams went in and cleaned/sanitized buildings after the Antrax scares a few years back, when suspicious packages were mailed.
  11. The article I posted above is from the www.cdc.gov website. On their website there is a link to World Health Organization, or WHO. I "copied and pasted" directly from the WHO website.
  12. Influenza-like illness in the United States and Mexico 24 April 2009 -- The United States Government has reported seven confirmed human cases of Swine Influenza A/H1N1 in the USA (five in California and two in Texas) and nine suspect cases. All seven confirmed cases had mild Influenza-Like Illness (ILI), with only one requiring brief hospitalization. No deaths have been reported. The Government of Mexico has reported three separate events. In the Federal District of Mexico, surveillance began picking up cases of ILI starting 18 March. The number of cases has risen steadily through April and a
  13. RhoGam is your most logical answer, but you would need verification from her physician's office. I work in a very large reference lab and we see this a few times a week. We always call the physician's office to confirm the date of RhoGam injection, and attempt to explain that when ordering the prenatal work-up, they can save a lot of unnecessary time (and money) by directing the patient to have her blood drawn for the antibody screen first, then giving her the RHIG injection afterwards. Often they do not do that because they want to give the patient the RhoGam before they get out of the o
  14. A "new" strain of virus, relatively uncommon passed from human to human - until now - capable of morphing. Blood bankers are wondering aloud "Should we be screening the blood supply for this new virus, can it be transmitted through the blood supply from asymptomatic, infected donors?" Does this sound like circa 1980 to anyone else?
  15. You are correct, and that is our policy. However I end up on the phone at least 3 times a week explaining to physicians why we typed the mother as "negative" but when she delivered, the hospital (who still performs Weak D testing) typed her as Rh positive. And they do not understand when I say "both results are correct".
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