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  1. thanx galvania and milkmaid for you reply . yes i did try it with tube but it is given almost the same results is IgG coating cells possible to occur with cold AIHA and is it possible for 5 months newborn to have auto immune? unfortunately no history is available for this patient !
  2. A 5 months pediatric specimen received and these are the results obtained : ‘forward and reverse blood grouping are 4+ reaction including Rh and ctrl (using ortho cards on autovue ) antibody screening and identification all cells are 4+ reaction (using ortho cards on autovue ) ‘antibody identification 4+ using bio rad cards DCT 4+ with IgG specificity no history of transfusions ! Medication ( not clear but suspecting steroids ) hgb 6g/dL I will appreciate any help or suggestions Forgive my poor English 😔
  3. Due to lacking of transfer bags for neonates issues is it possible to use platelets bags that we separate from platelets post filter which is made for platelets storage !!!!
  4. thanks for your reply I was wondering since there is a possibility of detaching the antibodies at the stage of washing before adding AHG -so keeping the cells at room temperature or cold temp will not affect the IgG bounding antibodies i.e. giving negative results or weaker results.
  5. i now it is silly question but any help please
  6. for how long we can keep the EDTA specimen at room temperature before start performing the DCT? and if we store it at 2-8 c ,is that going to affect the result !!
  7. thanks one of our hematologist refuse to take O prbc for that reason ( no compatible A )
  8. can group O red cells transfusion to group A patient cause hemolytic transfusion reaction ( residual plasma) , and if so: -is there any case study i can read -what to do regarding emergent transfusion -neonate transfusion thank you
  9. yaya

    is it O or B???

    eventually i found that she did bone marrow transplantation !!!!!! thats explain every thing for me
  10. yaya

    is it O or B???

    Thanks for replies it is good that she delivered and did not require blood and i donot think that i can do more investigations
  11. yaya

    is it O or B???

    i did add 4drops and read is and incubate at RT but still negative!!!
  12. a 35 years in labour patients admitted and specimen was send for blood bank for type and screening and the results was: forward grouping was O rh(D)pos using ortho cells reverse was B reaction as 4+ reaction with A1cells (ortho) and negative with B cells using autovue automation so the revers cells were repeated using conventional method and incubated for 10-15 min at 4c with AC and ICT and the results were all 4+ as a presence of cold agglutinin what else i can do to tell the blood group?
  13. thanks JOANBALONE for replay and as you said i will never try unless it is a desperate situation
  14. if the patients blood was washed out ( massive transfusion ) like infusion of 10 - 15 units of the same group then different group what will happen ?:confused:
  15. internal policy and procedure or SOP
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