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Rh positive donor, negative for CEce


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The D--/D-- or D../D.. phenotypes (the two are almost synonymous, but the D--/D-- type is negative for the Evans antigen, whereas the D../D.. type is positive for the Evans antigen) are both EXTREMELY RARE.

Unfortunately, these individuals have a nasty habit of producing anti-Rh17 (essentially, an antibody directed against the C, c, E and e antigens), and can only safely be transfused with units that are themselves D--/D--, D--/D.. or D../D.., and if these are not available, units of Rhnull blood.

An exciting find, but I wish you luck!

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Please discuss the importance of donation with this donor, and register the donor with the American Rare Donor Program. I remember having a pregnant patient with anti-Rh17. I believe there were only a couple of units available nationally. If I remember correctly, we had to resort to autologous donation, iron, and EPO.

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