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Meditech and Digitrax labels

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We're going to be going live with a new Meditech version (6.1) and we'll be starting to use TAR with barcode scanning.  This prompted my facility to buy a digi-trax printer so we can reprint labels when we make components.  Can anyone help me with this?  Should I buy 4x4 labels with DIN removed or can I get by using just the 4x2 (to label the bottom two quadrants)?  Also, shouldn't I retain our blood supplier's facility information on there?  We don't aliquot and we don't pool...we just make components.

Thanks for your help.


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We don't use Meditech but we do use the Digitrax printers at all of our BBs.  I personally prefer the 4 x 4 with cutout but have used the 4 x 4 without and both work just fine.


Have no experience with the 4 x 2. Do make sure you are in compliance with labeling as I've known sites to go live with a BB computer system and TJC or CAP or CLIA inspectors have asked to see these validations.


Good luck! 

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HI Becky,


I am having problems with apheresis FFP entering it into Meditech. We recently implemented ISBT.  How did you create the different products for the same ISBT code. I have Meditech 5.66 ,.I can scan the product into Meditech E0869 but if the product is E0869AO, BO my digitrax label does not print the correct divided unit . I tried building a new product but I am prompted that E0869 code is in use with the main unit.  I am would be interested how you have these apheresis products in your computer.






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Hi Eva,

In your product dictionary, include all of the possible divided barcodes.  So instead of just E0869 add E0869VA0, E0869VB0, E0869VC0, and E0869VD0.  And those are zeros on the end, not capital O.  That should work for you.


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