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  1. Hi, Epic recently published support for the ISBT Compound Barcode in their Blood Administration Module. Is anyone hearing of any plans of blood suppliers moving to this anytime soon? I found the attachment on the ICCBBA website, published in 2015. Outside of that, I've not been able to find much info on it. Thanks! P-004_Standardized-2D-Label-Design-for-Blood-Products-handout.pdf
  2. We implemented the Epic Blood Product Administration Module over a year ago, and it seems to be working well for routine, non emergency transfusions (using the handheld Rover/iphone device). Massive transfusion scenarios with uncrossmatched blood in the ER and OR are another story. Our blood bank emergency issues uncrossmatched blood via a paper system (they feel it's the fastest way rather than using the BBIS), and we are getting significant feedback from the ER and OR that scanning blood is just not working for them in massive situations (no Rovers, scanning with handheld wired barcode gun). They don't want to scan all 4 barcodes on the blood products, and things are moving so fast that the barcodes are getting smeared with blood and possibly preventing scanning. We suspect we have other issues preventing clean, quick scanning but have not narrowed down root cause yet. The ER prefers to have a scribe manually documenting unit number, etc. It seems the OR is trying to scan, but if not successful it leads to manual documentation. Any additional feedback on this would be appreciated. We'd love to improve this workflow for our Providers and are meeting regularly to facilitate this.
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