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SCC SoftBank and Others


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Would anyone care to weigh in on the pros and cons of softbank?  We currently use a different bloodbank system for Tranfusion and our donor services and product manufacturing.  Does anyone have experience with the Soft System vein to vein on a large scale, including mobiles? 

I would take any comments. Message me privately if you don't care to share publicly.  :)


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I have used multiple systems for Transfusion and not so many on the donor side: Sunquest, Cerner, Soft, Meditech, Progesa. Soft is one of the better ones and Meditech is one of the worst. Haven't used Soft on the donor side so cannot comment on that.

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We've been on SoftBank for 6 years and find it as good as any.  Obviously every system has it's good and bad points.  I personally think it's light years ahead of the Cerner it replaced.  We do not use the donor module. 

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