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  1. Yeah, thanks for sharing your experience. Is too bad - sometimes mergers wreck what was good about the software. Have seen it too often.
  2. You're correct about the version. It was updated last year and they do have a contract. I believe it was never configured properly to the homegrown LIS (MedHost) that is proprietary to LifePoint. Am hoping that new managment will get the programmers from both MedHost and SafeTrace together and configure the two softwares properly. Very basic and essential features are not working or are spotty at best.
  3. Blood banker/generalist currently on a travel assignment in a small LifePoint facility out west. Have used several software systems for blood bank over nearly four decades ranging from 1000 bed level 1 trauma centers to 25 bed hospitals in the sticks. Cerner classic and C. Millennium are fine. Sunquest Classic was very good and the new GUI is doable but has limitations and is somewhat primitive. Meditech was not terribly good for blood bank but was doable. Emergency release was the worst on that system. I used HCLL at one facility and was not impressed. I've used SafeTrace most recently and only at my current assignment. I believe their version hasn't been updated in a decade or more. It is the WORST software I've ever used - of any kind - transfusion service or not. I certainly hope that other facilities don't have the enormous issues with their SafeTrace software that my current facility does. Also, my current facility is not set up for ISBT128. The facility at which I work is a trainwreck in many respects for lack of management and corporate neglect so it's no surprise that no one has worked out the kinks; therefore, I don't want to condemn SafeTrace entirely as a result. I've not worked with Softbank but would love to since many techs have highly recommended it.
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