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What problems in transfusion services that you encountered that is worth doing a study?

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I would like to see studies as to why transfusion services continue to provide ABO non-identical transfusions when they have ABO identical components in stock.  ABO mismatched red cells (so-called universal donor group O red cells), platelets and plasma (so-called universal donor AB plasma) have all been associated in randomized trials (platelets) and observational studies (red cells and plasma) with increased mortality, bleeding and other dire complications.  Why has an entire specialty failed to take notice of data that contradict long standing dogma?  What can be done to improve this performance and reduce suffering, morbidity and mortality amongst our patients?  This is particularly important because ABO non-identical platelets may actually make hemostasis worse, and thus no transfusion is likely better than an ABO non-identical platelet transfusion, as one example.

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I'm all for the concept of quality and the strive to provide the safest blood products to patients, but I won't deny that sometimes many of our current practices in blood banking in terms of achieving that "quality" seems excessive, unnecessary, and sometimes it feels like a mere quality charade for inspectors and regulators. Considering the hight cost that blood banks have to incur to meet all quality regulations, it may be worth studying the financial impact of the many quality measures that regulate the practice of blood banking and to what extent these measures are actually contributing to achieving the quality needed to provide the best blood products to patients.

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