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University of Michigan Blood Bank Symposium

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While reading one of the threads today it got me thinking, does the University of Michigan still hold their annual Blood Bank Symposium the last of May or early June?  It's been a very long time since I was able to attend but for quite some time I was able to convince the powers to be to allow me to attend every other year.  Every year was a little too much to hope for.   I learned a great deal, met many terrific people, and made a number of friends.  I was able to meet and learn from a few of the greats in the blood bank world at the time.  I certainly hope it has carried on and is still available.  Thanks to John Judd and Suzanne Butch and the many others who made it possible.  I hope their legacy continues. 


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I concur! This was a great symposium.  The SBB program I attended sent us to Ann Arbor in 97' and I arranged to go back nearly every year up to 2013 or 2014.  We came away with new ideas and confidence in our job.   Plus, the Weber Inn was a great place to stay.  On the down side listening to John Judd talk about warm beer was not fun.  Beer should be drunk ice cold.   

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