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Arm Preparation for Blood Donation - what method do you use?

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Our collection center currently uses the Povidone-Iodine Duo-Swab 2-step process for preparing the venipuncture site for blood donor collection.  We use ChoraPrep as the secondary method for donors who are sensitive to iodine.  Following our recent AABB inspection, our arm prep process using the Duo-Swab product was questioned because the phlebotomists were not allowing swab 1 and swab 2 to completely dry prior to proceeding to the next step.  As we investigated this observation, we found that it can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes for swab 1 to dry, and a full 5 minutes for swab 2 to dry.  We would like to find another product to use for arm prep that is a one step process - what product is being used in your blood donation collection center?  Many thanks for your insights!

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Current employer has been using Chloraprep for years, with a small number of the povidone-iodine combo scrubs available for the rare donor with an allergy to chloraprep (I think that's super rare but have no data, but I know we've had event reports about expired PI swabs being available).

My prior employer, 2004-2011, also used Chloraprep exclusively (although probably not in 2004, I don't recall exactly when Chloraprep became available). I have always had a good impression of the chloraprep scrubs.

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