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  1. Yes, we use BioRad gelcards and I know of their panel, looking for others as well, trying to "get to know the market". It might not be as large as I'd hoped though Hope to avoid cassettes (ie biovue) Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Forgot BioRad in my list, they do have a panel that's compatible with gel card technique, we've used it before.
  3. Hi! The new IVDR regulation means all of our reagents need to be CE certified by may 2025. This causes us great trouble since a lot of our reagents and test cells are either prepared in-house, or acquired from nearest reference lab (who, in turn, produce them theirselves without CE certification). So, I probably need to find new test cells for antibody identification pretty soon. What producers are there? I know of Labex, Ortho, XboX lab, Nordic Biolabs and Tulip (indian). We'd like to continue using gel cards, so the panel needs to be 0,8-1%. Please help!
  4. Emelie


    Found this old gem while cleaning out our retired doctor´s office. It´s Claes Högman, a real giant in Swedish blood banking, who (among other things) was a delegate in AABB during the 60's and recieved the Karl Landsteiner award, James Blundell award and the ISBT award. He sang in the Uppsala band "Blodsbandet" (transl Blood relations) under the name "Captain Blood". The song on the tape is "Give blood! Mr Sagman", which I suspect is a cover of "Mr Sandman"... Enough written, now I've gotta go find a cassette player!
  5. It's Martin who's analyzed it (we've sent new samples so they can confirm their findings) We'd better do as they say, then 😄
  6. Thank you! I found it difficult to find general recommendations regarding Bel. I discussed it with our reference lab just now, they weren't convinced about the transferase's ability to produce a complete antigen, since the expression was extremely low. I thought, as you say, that the absence of anti-B would implicate a normal B antigen but they were unwilling to recommend anything but A or 0 blood. This particular patient has a mutation not earlier documented, so it might be their cause for taking extra caution. Thank you for some great insight! It's an amazing forum for gaining new knowledge!
  7. Hi! We have a patient who genotyped as A Bel. Is the Bel subgroup a complete antigen or partial? The patient expresses extremely low levels of B, would it be safe to transfuse with AB blood? The patient has no detectable anti-B occurring naturally. As far as I can tell by the litterature, Bel cells are not agglutinated with anti-B (but do bind to them)? We will, of course, have our doctor decide what recommendations to give, but I would like to know how other treat these patients as it´s a first for us. Please explain it like I´m five :)
  8. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL
  9. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  10. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  11. Tricore; yes, in Sweden many larger hospitals use PI instead of irradiation when preparing platelets, the methods are equivalent. In moderately sized hospitals it's more convenient and cost efficient to irradiate the (rather few) components needed at the irradiation center instead.
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