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  1. What are your rules if blood from another facility is hanging when patient enters your facility? Is nursing allowed to finish the unit or is it stopped? thanks.
  2. Love the opportunities for improvement form! Thank you! Out of curiosity, what time frame are people using for training in blood bank for new employees?
  3. Meditech is built by the facility, so you should have the capability to call "Du" anything you want in that test dictionary. EMR IDs come as is, and I believe this one says "Weak D (Du)".
  4. Do you only use safe-T-vues, or do you take them temperature of the unit as well.
  5. Thank you! Our students always ask what the "u" stands for and I never knew.
  6. What do you call the passive anti-D in the computer? Do you have a special comment you add? We use gel and the OB docs do not like all the "Anti-D possible result of RhIG" results they are getting. We do perform an antibody screen before issuing RhoGAM, which we could eliminate, but that doesn't help the type and screen orders prior to delivery.
  7. All whole blood derived and apheresis platelets (including PAS) will be required to be tested once every 24 hours at a minimum on days 4 and 5. I thought my blood supplier told me that verax test could not be done on the PAS platelets. You may want to check the verax package insert for interfering substances and approved products for testing.
  8. Why don't you print a unit inventory before downtime and require that units be checked off the list before issue during downtime?
  9. I feel your pain. We just started immediate spin only last year. People were against it at first, but they have come around. I just had lots of data available so show that no, this isn't crazy.
  10. Immediately after activating several BT10 stickers, place them in the blood bank refrigerator, on top of a chilled “cold pack.” (Don’t peel the paper backing off until applying it to a unit of blood.)" do you have a time limit once the stickers are activated and stored in refrigerator?
  11. We tried "indicator A" (from the williamlab challenge) and found them to be inconsistent. I think a lot depended on how hard and how long you pushed that button down. Will be trialing safe-t-vues next.
  12. Would you be willing to share your Armband Change Form used for autid trail?
  13. Do you use the same tubing 4C2223 for FFP, platelets, cryo?
  14. Do you give the product an "open" ISBT code on the pedi pack?
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