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  1. In UK Discussing Red cell specification to issue to D neg females under child bearing age K Neg is standard requirement but what are the recommendations for also selecting rr units to avoid anti C or anti E sensitation in rr recipients. Would you just give rr to all D neg whether rr or not
  2. anti-K NOT detectable in Enzymes in Neutral cards - is detectable in IAT and IAT enzymes is there an explnation why NOT reactive in neutral cards - this is not an isolated incidence but occuring on patient and External QC samples
  3. http://hospital.blood.co.uk/products/hepatitis-e-screening/ NHSBT have a good educational page which is useful
  4. Thanks for link have circulated to our depts staff I think its really good , Free as well
  5. Universal irradiation since 2000 see http://www.kawasumi.jp/testsite/english/juji/report/GVHD_04.pdf and yes no TA - GVHD since implementation though it has caused problems with potassium levels - some cases used a potassium depletion filter which I had never heard of till now
  6. Thanks Mabel Something new learned today , all blood irradiated in Japan presume then that all transfusion GVHD is zero ?
  7. Indeed it is , like every Church has a Bible every Transfusion lab has a Mollison must see if it is available on Kindle ( and others )
  8. Thanks Malcolm Good reading , wonder if he was named Patrick because he was born on St Patricks day 17th March
  9. We currently do it every month - not aware of recommendations in UK Also document any alarms as they occur ie door open too long as that is a test in itself
  10. I agree with Mabel check daily to see if bag groups not mixed up and also in expiry date order check visually each bag on receipt and when issuing but not at other times
  11. I am sure the London Olympics will throw up a few unusual cases as well for you to have fun with
  12. Less than 7 days usually they can come in a month before if they like but I would still want another sample less than 7 days pre op
  13. We try to use up open vials up as quickly as possible and put an in use expiry date of 6 days on them , if not used up by end of 6 days we bin them as we focus on using up opened vials rather than opening up a second set of vials we don't usually have a problem we use Diamed cells Have used both ortho and Diamed cards / cells over the last 20 years and I know which one I prefer - Diamed
  14. I think some bacterial infections cause these mimicking red cell antibodies
  15. Our transfusion lab issue human albumin solution to the wards , some is returned unused sometimes days to months after issue. we have started to discard these returned bottles as we don't know how they have been stored on the wards ie they may have been out of temperature control which for our albumin is 4-25oC or even tampered with ( unlikely but you never know) Is anyone else discarding these on return ? or do you put them back into stock Our discard rate has gone up recently so we are tring to limit what we issue
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