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  1. thank you guys ! happy being here
  2. hey welcome , i am newbie to
  3. But 10 years it is ok to keep it you never know when it might be needed ю we don't do paperwork now, we work with a billing company that do all this stuff. https://fortismedicalbilling.com/medical-billing/
  4. try to recover ur account with email recovering ,if you dont have access to number of youre phone they will give you some questions about account . i wish you good luck to recover account
  5. our Laboratory staff must (PPE) when work in the laboratoryand PPE must be removed on leaving the laboratory , and now is a must to wash hands . we added just eye protection. All the samples are handled inside MSC , and there respiratory protective equipment are not necessary .
  6. didn't see snow this year , there was snowing once, but i was in vacation )
  7. i use Safe-T-Vue 10 , easy to use and attach it
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