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  1. How many times should a titer be repeated for an OB patient, especially if the titer is considered undetectable or 0. if it’s critical like anti-K. what is the approach in that case.
  2. Do you have a NYS license?
  3. Thank you very much Malcolm. Very detailed explanation. I am waiting on the molecular testing results now and yes she has been transfused and we are issuing Rh negative of course.
  4. African American women transfused with two week ago with 2 units RBC, hemoglobin dropping and is sympatric. Patient has a positive screen now, anti-D like identified. Patient is group O, Rh positive. Is there a rare antibody that we did not identified?
  5. Too funny, I recently downloaded this podcast for CE and was planning on listening to it on my off day. The patient was transferred to another hospital for treatment, no additional workup will be done by us but I will keep you posted cause am curious too.
  6. Is it possible to get an eluate result of anti-C and the patient is negative for C.
  7. Thanks John C. and every one else. I would like to teach. I am in the position of management and I figured more knowledge puts me in a better place.
  8. Has anyone taken this advanced degree and if so, what are you doing now? Was it worth it for a blood bank tech? Am in need of guidance and wanted to know if MLS is beneficial.
  9. Seeking an experienced Blood Bank Tech for the Brooklyn area. Minimum 2 years working experience.
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