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Specimen collection system & rejection rate


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I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share their transfusion medicine specimen rejection rate and what system is used for collection, for example, typenex, electronic, hospital bands, etc.?  We use typenex bands with an accompany ID form and we average 3% rejection.  

We have been working with the Quality department in reducing the rejection rate, but there I am unable to find any published data on the average rate.  We are in the forever, Nursing versus Lab debate in this project.  



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At my hospital we don't use bands. I think this is great, because our rejection rate is pretty low.  There are too many travelling nurses we need to train if we were to use the bands.  And even when trained, nurses still get them wrong. 

Now all they need to do if to make sure the specimen has at least 2 unque identifiers , along with collectors's info, date, and time. Simple. Also for each type and screen, a testing request form is filled out. All patient information must match between the form and the specimen.  That's it.  Nice and simple. 


The band is great, but not everyone knows how to use it, and training takes up alot of time, especially with all the travelling nurses we have. 

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Our specimen rejection rate was 1-2% when we still used a separate banding system.  We dropped that last year for full use of the Epic electronic ID system.  I need to pull statistics now, but I am sure it is much lower.  Our main rejection reason before was almost always that the band number was left off.

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