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IL liquid Coag reagents

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We are in the process of choosing new Coag. analyzers and have narrowed it down to IL and Siemens.  I was hoping to get opinions on the liquid protime reagent for the Top 350s that IL says is available.  Also how is their Heparin Xa reagent.  We have a CA1500 now and would change to the CA2500 but I have been having some QC issues lately but my instrument is only 12 years old.

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IL's liquid reagents are excellent!  I just switched to the liquid Readiplastin about 4 months ago and have not had any problems. Same goes for their heparin Xa reagent.  I've been using that for over 5 years and it is the most stable reagent I've seen. It is rare that I have to re-calibrate prior to the 6 month or new lot requirement.

They had trouble with their liquid DDimer reagent a while back, but I haven't had any issues since they were resolved.

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We have TPOS, and have had no significant issues with the PT reagent.  Have had some problems with drifting QC for D-dimers though.


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Scott - we switched to BioRad DDimer QC.  Mainly because in NYS we have to have a control above and below any "cutoff" values and IL does not have one.  Stability was an added bonus.

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      Silly question...,but I'd really like to know,what is the difference in choosing between human and monoclonal reagents for ABO/D testing? Is it a first choice from these two?Is it the price?
      I work with Bio-Rad reagents and I know they have cards with human reagents but also identical cards with monoclonal reagents.Our lab use only monoclonal ones.
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      Hi everyone,
      I just received a notification from Ortho about recently transfused patients and interpretation guide.
      "Following centrifugation of a freshly collected patient sample drawn from a recently transfused patient, the potential exists for the donor's transfused red cells, which are denser and heavier, to concentrate at the bottom of the sample tube in a layer below the patient's own red cells, which are less dense and lighter.  If the cell suspension used for testing contains a majority of transfused donor cells, unexpected patient results could be observed due to the patient cells being an absent or minor population in the prepared cell suspension.  The unexpected patient result could be a result associated with the transfused donor cells, or it could be due to a mix of patient and donor cell populations"
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      Hi everyone, our lab is planning to get a new coag machine and I would like to ask your personal experiences and opinion about the two choices that we have. I've only worked with ACL machines. Which machine do you think is best for a small lab? Which is more cost efficient? Less problem with QC controls especially D-dimer controls (which we usually have a problem with ACL Elite)?
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      We use the Ortho Confidence system to QC our wet reagents. I have been alerted that there will be a delay in the next lot number shipment due to the (US) government shutdown. The current lot that we are using expires 10/29/2013 and the new lot # is set to ship on 10/30/2013.
      My question is, can I use patient samples that have established values for QC testing for the couple of days that I am without unexpired QC material? If so, how many examples of a particular value do I have to have in order for it to be a valid QC evaluation? For instance, if I want to use a group A patient to QC the anti-A reagent, how many times does that patients blood group have to have been tested?
      Thanks for the input.
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