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  1. JCarpenter

    IL liquid Coag reagents

    We are in the process of choosing new Coag. analyzers and have narrowed it down to IL and Siemens. I was hoping to get opinions on the liquid protime reagent for the Top 350s that IL says is available. Also how is their Heparin Xa reagent. We have a CA1500 now and would change to the CA2500 but I have been having some QC issues lately but my instrument is only 12 years old.
  2. JCarpenter

    CSF Differentials

    Hi All, I would like to change our CSF differential to be preformed only when the WBC count is greater than 5. Right now we do differentials on all samples no matter what the WBC count is. I cannot find any documentation in the literature that this is ok. I know of a few hospitals that do this. If you do this what reference to you use to for documentation in your procedure. Do you also report a comment as to why the differential was not done? Thanks for your help.
  3. JCarpenter

    Critical therapeutic APTTs

    At our hospital we have to call all heparin protocol aPTTs critical or not. Our critical aPTT is based on our heparin protocol curve.

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