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On occasions, I have read a post, or even a new thread, having hit "All Unread Content" and been meaning to reply, but just do not have the time right then.  The next time I log on, of course, the subject is no longer (or only rarely) there under "All Unread Content", and I have often forgotten the topic's title (let alone the forum in which it appears).

Now, as many people, if not everyone knows, I am a profound IT idiot, so I honestly don't know the answer to this, but would it be difficult/ easy/ near impossible to add a button that allows me (or anyone else, come to that) to go back to the subject a bit later, without hours of searching?

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I have not used it, but there is a follow button at the top -- I believe that does something? I'll follow this thread to see what happens.


Edit: You can have the site email you reminders that the topic exists, which I chose not to do; then if you click your name at the top, to get the dropdown to go to your profile, there's an option to 'Manage followed content' which gives a list of all followed threads. Perhaps not ideal but maybe a temporary solution?

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