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    • By ab9537
      Epic/SoftBank users: Do you routinely include Care Everywhere results in your Blood Bank history check?
    • By kaleigh
      Would anyone be willing to share their SOP's for "tubing" blood products? I am trying to get this started at my facility (even though it seems like everyone else has been doing it for years!) and am already getting lots of questions. I figure being able to explain what others do might help! Thank you in advance!
      Edit: we do not have the capability of "secure send" or scanning units/badges with our tube system
    • By sandy90
      Can anyone provide feedback on their favorite computer modules for Blood Bank, Blood Donor Services and Cellular Therapy. We are currently looking to replace Cerner Millennium with one of the following: SoftBank/Soft Donor, SafeTrace TX /Eldorado or Mediware, BCBS.
    • By maybe
      My hospital recently went live with EPIC’s BPAM module, because of which we had to increase the amount of data being sent across the interface (more OBX segments cross into EPIC for the patient/product matching aspect).
      The Transfusion Service uses Softbank and we've discovered one the main Soft interfaces into EPIC can only process so many lines of data at one time. How did we discover this?  We broke the interface! One massively transfused patient sent across so much data that it crashed.
      Soft is currently working on a fix for this, but the main workaround they gave is to limit the number of products you can crossmatch/dispense on each order (recommended max =16) and create a new order when that amount is exceeded.
      For most patients this isn’t a problem, however I am at a loss for what to do with the massive bleeders. In order to be electronically crossmatched the red cell product needs to be on the same order number as the Type and Screen. So when a liver transplant takes a turn for the worse and you transfuse 80 crossmatched red cell units emergently, what do you do? It seems ethically wrong to flip to the uncrossmatched status just because the software doesn't like more than 16 units on one order. Another suggestion was to create "fake" type and screen specimens for each set of 16 units, which also doesn't sit well with me.
      Does anyone else have Soft and come across this problem?
    • By Khealy
      I was wondering if anyone had come across being able to issue blood to patients without the antibody screen resulted? We had a situation where this happened last week and the screens were negative and the technician had wrote out the results for the antibody screens on our crossmatch cards but forgot to enter it in meditech. The tech was able to issue blood to the patients without any qa prompts or anything flagging them that there was anything missing in the process!? I personally am new to meditech and this seems very unstable and scary to me! Does anyone have any insight to this issue? Thanks in advance!
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