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Can anyone provide feedback on their favorite computer modules for Blood Bank, Blood Donor Services and Cellular Therapy. We are currently looking to replace Cerner Millennium with one of the following: SoftBank/Soft Donor, SafeTrace TX /Eldorado or Mediware, BCBS.

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We have SafeTrace Tx, and I have used Cerner in the past.  The blood bank manager has used Mediware's HCLL, and I have seen a demo.  SafeTrace is a good system from my point of view, but the techs are not overfond of it.  There are a lot of places where the system will stop them cold.  It is usually the case that they should be stopped cold when this happens.  I will say that the canned reports are terrible.  You can write Crystal Reports and query the data base, and they have a new analytics package that is supposed to make up for the shortcomings of the reports.  We opted not to take it since we were told we would get it gratis as an established user.  This did not happen and we are looking for a new system.  We've had SafeTrace for about 15 years, so we don't take the decision to change systems lightly.  

As far as a new system goes, HCLL is at the top of the list.  It was designed by blood bankers, and it shows.  I would urge you not to make a decision without seeing a demo from HCLL.

BloodTrack can be used with either of the systems.

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