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Meditech Titers

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Has anyone built Antibody Titration into Meditech?  I have built the different dilutions but I am not able to get my calculation to work to interpret the highest positive dilution as the result (the reciprocal of course).  Meditech v 6.1x


I am looking for calculation tips. (I am new to Meditech).


Thank you.


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I set this up a few years ago.  We are on v5.67 at the moment so I don't know if calculations are done the same, but if you want to see my calculation I can send it to you.  We stopped performing them inhouse a few years ago, so I haven't actually used it for a while, but I recollect that it worked.

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That would be great if you could share your calculation with me.  I will message you with my email.  Thank you! ~ Maryann

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