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  1. Good Morning and Happy New Year to Everyone, I am just inquiring to find out if anyone has any experience with the Meditech Ambulatory System? We are using it and would like to share ideas and experiences. I appreciate the help. Thanks,
  2. Is there a reason you chose to use a middleware with the Vision? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have any comments on Blood Bank automation instrumentation? Please share your ideas of why you chose the one you have. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Our problem is not just ER but all over the hospital. Do you have any info on your Order Sets? How does a Doc tell a nurse to give a unit that was set up yesterday?
  5. Are there any Meditech users out there that may have some tips on this? Thanks and hope you have a great day, Ledford
  6. Hi, I work at a Meditech Magic blood bank and would love help with the order sets and whatever else is needed for POM and duplicate orders. Our biggest problem as of now is there is no way for the Dr. to tell the nurse to give the LRBC unless they order it again... Please help.
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