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Meditech Ambulatory System

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Good Morning and Happy New Year to Everyone,

I am just inquiring to find out if anyone has any experience with the Meditech Ambulatory System?  We are using it and would like to share ideas and experiences.  I appreciate the help.



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    • By mollyredone
      We recently had emergency release situations on two newborns, first one I can remember in my 7 years here.  The day after the O neg PRBCs were issued, I was trying to figure out what testing was required and how to order it.  We do NB types and DAT on all babies.  My thought was to create a new order for PRBC.  If I do that, it will order a type and screen.  Since we have already done a type on the cord blood, we would TNP the results?  We would still just give O units, Rh compatible. Or would you put in the results from the cord blood with the comment that it was performed on cord blood and TNP the back type and credit the type.
      Then we perform the screen on the mom's blood, with an external comment, but the order is under the baby's account.  If the mom has already had a TS right before delivery, would you put in the results from her screen there and credit that screen, so she isn't double charged?  
      I'm kind of thinking out loud, but I would appreciate any feedback.
    • By Darren
      Hello! Would any of your meditech users care to share some of your rules and calculations? Meditech's knowledge base is sometimes lacking in what you need to build these things. A lot of the keywords have no explanation of how they're formatted when used. I'll start out with one I came up with.
      Filling in that patient history was checked when the specimen is received.
      I built a t-type test called PT HISTORY. It's default result code is "." without the quotes. This result code's text is "No History\FV".
      The other result codes are AN, AP, ABN, etc. The text for these result codes is "History On File\FV".
      The "\FV" files and verifies the result in case anyone didn't know that.
      In the BB calculation dictionary the trigger test and the target test are both PT HISTORY. I assigned the label "B" to this in the calculation. The calculation is as follows.
      ;The system will check for patient blood type history.
      IF{B=. [f bsp bt]};
      In English it says: If B (PT HISTORY) is "." then fill in the blood type from the patient history. In this case if there is nothing in patient history then the "." remains and the result is No History. If there is a type, then that result is put in as the result and displayed as History On File.
      This helpful for anyone?
    • By bldbnkr
      Has anyone built Antibody Titration into Meditech?  I have built the different dilutions but I am not able to get my calculation to work to interpret the highest positive dilution as the result (the reciprocal of course).  Meditech v 6.1x
      I am looking for calculation tips. (I am new to Meditech).
      Thank you.
    • By kriti
      If anyone is has the Vision and an interface with Meditech and would be willing to share screen shots of the set up in the anaylzer dictionary, I would be most grateful.  Thanks!
    • By mlapierre
      Our hospital has begun using technology that transfers vital signs directly from the vital signs monitor to our Meditech electronic medical record.  This has eliminated the manual documention of vital signs which was a great quality improvement.
      Nursing also uses the Meditech Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) to document transfusions.  Our problem is that the vital signs are not able to be downloaded into the TAR.  They only are able to be sent to one location in the Patient Care Documentation (PCD) location.  Our only option is to have nursing manually copy the vitals from the PCD into TAR.  Understandly, this is a huge dissatifier to the nursing staff and opens the door to errors as well.
      We have already check with the vendor for the vital signs instrument.  They can only send data to one interface so there is no option to have the vitals sent to an alternate location. A proposal has been made to stop documenting the vitals in TAR and the expectation is that anyone looking for transfusion vitals would have to go to the PCD and figure out what vitals belong to the transfusion.  Has anyone run into this problem and were you able to resolve it?
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