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transfusion reactions, increase in temperature from 98.6F


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We were recently inspected by JCAHO.  In the policy manual we have stated must workup a transfusion reaction if patients temp increases 2 degrees from 98.6F or 1 degree from 37C.  What if patients pre transfusion temp is elevated before transfusion begins?  Is a transfusion reaction workup recommended (2 degree increase) from the "starting" temp or is it always 98.6F? I emailed AABB to clarify, never received a response.  I would like to know what others are doing.


Thanks for any help!!!

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By the way, I don't think that any of the accrediting agencies state firm guidelines of what constitutes a "fever" (or "significant temperature increase.")


Yep. Accrediting/Regulatory agencies will instead see how your policy was developed (under guidance/direction by Medical Director?) and see if your institution is followig your policy.

Our original policy simply stated rise of 2°F and we would run into issues where the patient in the PACU whose temp is 95.2 goes up to 98.1 after the bair hugger or whatever and the literal interpretation of the policy says they needed to initiate a transfusion reaction workup, which is kind of silly.

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