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  1. Our policy is to issue O Group PRCs and group AB FFPs to a neonate (<4 months age). The Rh of PRCs will depend on the Rh status of the neonate. Top-up PRC transfusions are usually from one single unit <28 days.
  2. We were using IH 1000 in 2015, but there were too many problems in their software, due to which it would discard lot of cards. Hence we returned it. Maybe they have improved the software now. Also, I've heard they have another smaller version IH 500 released a year or so ago.
  3. They are from different clones and titer. We repeated the blood group using BioRad Newborn Card and it showed 2+ with anti-A,B but negative with anti-A.
  4. We had a 46 year old male health check patient who has never been transfused before come for blood grouping. He knows his blood group previously as O Rh Positive. Our results were as follows: Tube Test BioRad Gel -A 1-2+ mf 0 -B 0 0 -AB 2+mf ND -D (igG+IgM) 4+ ND -D (IgM) 4+ 4+ A1 Lectin 0 ND H Lectin 4+ ND A1 Cells 1-2+ at RT, >2+ at 37 C w-1+ at RT & 37C B Cells 4+ 4+ O Cells 0 ND Autocontrol 0 ND A2 Cells 0 ND We repeated the blood group with two other manufacturer’s anti-sera. One anti-sera gave the same result as our tube test result, but with the other anti-sera the result with anti-A was negative. What should we report the blood group as? O or subgroup of A? Kindly help.
  5. We do the same as AMcCord and Mollyredone.
  6. We use washed RBCs for intrauterine transfusions. They are very few and far between...
  7. We use microscope, if we suspect mixed field, rouleaux or weak/barely positive reactions seen macroscopically. We generally use gel for DAT, etc, so no need for microscope.
  8. Usually thawed FFP has expiry date of 24 hours if stored at 2-6 C, else 4 hours at RT.
  9. We do front type and DAT on all cord blood samples as we use the BIORAD gel test, but we don't report DAT result for all. pediatricians usually ask for DAT if mother is Rh neg. or has known antibodies. We have never done immune anti-A or -B. test We do elution if pos.DAT cannot be explained by mothers type and/or baby will require transfusion.
  10. We usually keep x-matched units for a day further from the day on which it was requested. Rest as Terri, and YES we do x-match units to multiple patients - First in First out (FIFO) to avoid outdate
  11. Such a policy will endanger lives of patients. Unlabelled samples should never be processed, nor should they be allowed to be labeled in lab by even the person who drew the sample. Safety first principle is paramount.Such samples should be dumped and new sample properly labeled in presence of patient should be collected.
  12. I cannot open this attachment. I would also appreciate if anyone could share their SOP or worksheet for comparison of methods. Email- aafrin@gmail.com
  13. @CSWICKARD Could the plts & FFP transfused be stained with RBC's ? Just a thought...
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