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transfusiom reaction analysis in QPS 7 of JCI accreditation

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in QPS 7 of JCI, there is a need of analysis conducted for:

1. all confirmed transfusion reactions, if applicable to the organization


my questions:

1. what does it mean by if-applicable?

2. what is the meaning of confirmed transfusion reaction, because most of the transfusion reaction reported in my hospital, is just that, only reported, no further investigation done?

3. if what happens in my hospital can't be classified as confirmed, does it mean that my hospital doesn't have to do the analysis, because there is no confirmed transfusion reaction?

3. what are the numerator and denominator used for the indicator?

4. do you have samples of the analysis that has been done? just curious, what is the reason you put if the number of transfusion reaction is increased, when I don't think it's controllable.

thank you.

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When we have a suspected transfusion reaction a process of investigation is initiated: clerical checks, DAT on pre/post-tx specimens, urine for blood, ABORh on post specimen., visual exam of pre/post specs for hemolysis/icterus. If all of these are negative, the pathologist will provide an interpretation based on the reaction defined by the Nursing staff. If the investigation indicates a possible hemolytic transfusion reaction an entirely different process is initiated . . . HOWEVER, just because a reaction does not appear hemolytic it cannot be assumed that a reaction has not occurred as there are many types of reactions to blood products the majority of which are not hemolytic.

It would behoove you (and your Medical Director) to research the literature to discover these and then develop the processes of investigation according to the BB standards in your area of the world.

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