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When Meditech 5.67 is experiencing a downtime event, how do you make patient records accessible for techs to perform record checks? The NJ state requirements are - "Before blood is issued for transfusion, test results for each recipient sample shall be compared with the following: 1. Past records of previous ABO and Rh typing results for the past 12 months; and 2. Past records of all patients known to have significant unexpected antibodies; severe adverse reactions to transfusion, and/or difficulty in blood typing." If computers are used, an alternate method shall be available and used which allows access to the information required in above in the case of computer failure. 

We currently have a separate downtime reporting system that contains the last 5days of lab results for inpatients and the last 2 days of lab results for ED patients. Results are updated every 30 minutes. 

I keep binders with patient antibody panel workups, transfusion reactions, and abo/rh discrepancy worksheets. Is there a way to download/backup the Meditech BBK history file on to a downtime computer on a weekly/monthly schedule? How do you handle your LIS downtime in this case?


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Make sure you have access to patient records with special needs/problems in the event of a malicious hacker. Our entire LIS system has been shut down completely twice because of ransom attacks. No computer access of any kind until IT checked each physical computer individually and combed through all the servers and programs. These are not short-term events.  I've discussed with IT backing up records to a computer that is connected to the network only for that backup but haven't completed that project yet. In the meantime, I keep a paper copy of a snapshot report for those patients. 

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